DOT Mobile Express

Providing Mobile DOT Inspection Services in the Treasure Valley and other locations on request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

What sets use apart from the rest

Time is money and a vehicle sitting idle waiting to be run down for an inspection is not needed in today’s world. DOT Mobile Express comes to your location 24/7 to meet your needs and schedule.

What is your service area and charges?

We currently provide service throughout Idaho and service a few larger accounts in our neighboring states.

Our Inspection Fee – We offer the same pricing structure you would find in a typical brick and mortar inspection establishment with no additional fee for providing service at your location. We offer special pricing for established accounts, recurring business and the number of inspections required. The point is we work hard to earn and keep your business.  The real plus is we work weekdays, weekends and into the evening to be there for you.

For a no-obligation quote simply complete the below form and one of our technicians will get right back to you.

What if I do not pass the DOT Inspection?

Should your motor vehicle not pass the DOT Inspection the Inspection Service fee still is collected and you are provided a list of needed repair(s). We provide a 30-day grace period from the time of the inspection to make any required repair(s). At NO Additional charge we will return and inspect said repair(s) and if repairs meet guidelines we will then issue the DOT tag.

Business hours?

DOT Mobile Express works hard to be there to avoid any downtime in regards to your operation. Therefore we provide service weekdays, weekends, and evening at NO additional charge.

Are there any special requirements?

We only ask that the truck, trailer, vehicle be parked in a safe and secure location and on a flat concert or asphalt surface and provide all supporting documentation.

How are you paid for services?

We require payment in full and the completion of any service provided. We accept check, cash, and most credit cards 

Free Pre-Trip Inspection Training

When you sign-up for our Annual DOT Inspection Service Program we offer free refresher Pre-Trip Inspection training for your team.

How can you request service?

Simply complete the online form and you will be contacted or just give us a call 208 991-3749

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